Boppin’ the Blues – Blackfeather

Australian Charts:
Boppin’ the Blues hit no 1 on the Go-Set National Top 40 on 14 October 1972 and stayed there for 4 weeks.

A 1956 song written by Carl Perkins and Howard “Curley” Griffin and released as a single on Sun Records in May 1956.
The band Blackfeather had a no. 1 hit with Boppin’ The Blues, a recording that has little in common with the original apart from the title, although Perkins and Griffin are still credited as writers.’_the_Blues

The writer credit is to Carl Perkins and his co-writer Howard ‘Curly’ Griffin. It is usually described as a reworking or a makeover of Perkins’s Boppin’ The Blues, but the two records played back-to-back reveal nothing in common but their title. Lyrically, melodically and structurally, they are different songs.
Jonathan Sturm, a friend of Blackfeather pianist Paul Wylde, writes at his website: Neither Paul nor the rest of the band could remember the lyric of the old Carl Perkins song, so they wrote their own.


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