Livin’ in the 70s – Skyhooks

Australian charts: 1974

Adopting elements of glam rock in their presentation, and lyrics that presented frank depictions of the social life of young Australia in the 1970s, the band shocked conservative middle Australia with their outrageous (for the time) costumes, make-up, lyrics, and on-stage activities. A 1.2-metre high mushroom-shaped phallus was confiscated by Adelaide police after a performance.

Mushroom Music:
They appeared on Australian TV on the first day of colour transmission, shocked the parents and became pinup heroes for a generation.
Their lead singer was called Shirley because of HIS curly locks.
Guitarist Red Symons in red satin and matching cape, flicking his tongue at the masses while a giant Phallic Twistie Mushroom explodes over the crowds during his anthem to masturbation (“Smut”).
Guitarist Bob Starkie graduated from the Keith Richards/Chuck Berry School of Rock (with honours), his long black curls hanging over his lizard-necked jumpsuit.
Bassist and songwriter, Greg Macainsh’s platinum silver hair, long drop earrings hanging from both ears, wearing a yellow suit (matching cowboy hat), biting the thick bass strings on his sexy nude bass.
And who was it that said that all drummers were the same? Fred Strauks plugs in his space suit, the stage lights drop and he flickers on and off during his drum solo.
If it were any other band, the theatrics would overshadow the music. Skyhooks (thankfully) were not just another band.

Australian Charts:
Livin’ in the 70s – Skyhooks peaked at no 7 on the 3XY Top 40 in November 1974.


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