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For the songs you grew up with, 2CH is Classic Hits

30 October 2020

One Australian radio station does ‘classic hits’ just about better than any other.

The playlist on Sydney’s 2CH is loaded with 60s and 70s hits, along with a few good memories from the 50s and 80s. There are some there that you may not have heard for awhile, so there is always a few surprises.

The songs we feature on Bang a Gong are right in the middle of their playlist timeline, and many get a spin during the 60s lunchbreak at midday and the 70s lunchbreak at 1pm. Those feature hours are presented by Trevor Sinclair who also has a Classic 5 at 5 that is always worth a listen.

Popular radio and TV personality Tim Webster starts the day, and Chris Kearns plays requests at night on Tonight Live. All three of them have a great knowledge of, and passion for, the artists they play, which adds to the listeners’ enjoyment of the songs.

2CH weekday breakfast host Tim Webster

2CH can be heard anywhere via the 2CH app and 2CH web site. Listeners in Sydney can also hear it on digital radio.

2CH has a long and proud history as one of Sydney’s earliest radio stations, until recently on the AM band. In pre-television years it was home to some of Australia’s best known personalities and popular dramas, quiz shows and music programs. Then as a music station, 2CH was loved for its talented announcers and its ‘good music’ format.

It is only fitting that the present-day 2CH celebrates the popular songs from across four decades of its life, as a true ‘classic hits’ station. Songs that bring back great memories and make the listener feel good.

Elvis and Beatles fans are well catered for, with dedicated hours to each at 7pm and 8pm respectively on Sunday nights. And in a nod to 2CH’s ‘good music’ days, enjoy the crooners and big bands in Stardust on Saturday nights.

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