Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum

Australian Charts:
Spirit in the Sky hit no 1 on the Go-Set National Top 40 in June 1970 and remained there for 7 weeks.

Rolling Stone:
I had come across a greeting card that said “Spirit in the Sky.” And it was American Indians sitting in front of a tipi, with the fire going and being spiritual towards what they had deemed God, which was a spirit in the sky. I think it was the Hopi. So I went, “That’s kind of interesting” and just put it in the back of my head.
Then I happened to be watching Porter Wagoner on TV and he did a religious song halfway through the show about a miner that was up in the hills, digging for gold. He hadn’t been to church [or] prayed for, like, years and years. So he took his viola, came all the way back into town, and when he got to the church, there was a note on the door that said, “The pastor’s on vacation.”
Then I started thinking about the Hopi Indians, the pastor’s on vacation, and as a kid watching cowboy shows and hearing that the bad guys — when they were dying from a shootout — always wanted to be buried with their shoes on. All this is starting to connect. I just sat down and it all came together.

Ultimate Classic Rock:
The line “never been a sinner / I never sinned” resulted in a backlash, since the principal that everybody is born in a state of sin is central to Christian beliefs. Greenbaum, who was brought up in the Jewish faith, reflected: “When I said I can do this, that didn’t mean I could do it perfectly. It wasn’t my religion; I just did it. I didn’t think twice about it. I took some of the seriousness out of it, but I didn’t do it as a joke or against anyone. I guess people can take offense to almost anything. There was the song about the plastic Jesus on your dashboard. They liked that one.”


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