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When ‘Stan the Man’ counted down the hits

10 December 2020

Stan Rofe worked at 7AD, 3AK, 3XY and most famously at 3KZ and 3UZ.

We stumbled across something on YouTube that you may enjoy.

Aussie Oldies features a great collection of 50s, 60s and 70s songs and a few Melbourne radio airchecks. Among them are two edits of a 3UZ Top 40 countdown from October 1970, featuring the legendary Stan Rofe, aka ‘Stan the Man’.

The first clip features songs 17 to 11 and the second one continues from 10 to 1. You don’t hear the full songs – it has been edited so as to highlight the announcer and some of the ads of the time. It’s good fun to listen to, and to remember a radio era and style of broadcasting that is long gone. You will know the songs!

In these two recordings, Stan plays songs including Up Around the Bend, Mama Told Me Not to Come, Old Man Emu, Make it With You, 25 or 6 to 4, Lay Down, Big Yellow Taxi, Yellow River and El Condor Pasa. You can hear some of these in full on our web site: Bang a Gong song finder


Just a note: Aussie Oldies doesn’t belong to us and we didn’t upload the audio. We’re just sharing these links with you for your interest and enjoyment.

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