Sacha – Hank B Marvin

Australian Charts:
Sacha peaked at no 20 on the Go-Set National Top 40 on 13 December 1969.

16-year-old Marvin (born Brian Robson Rankin) met Cliff Richard’s manager, Johnny Foster, who was looking for a guitarist for Cliff’s UK tour. That led to him becoming part of the Shadows, which often worked as Cliff’s backing band.
Since 1986, Marvin has lived in Perth, Western Australia where he performs and runs a recording studio.
Jerry Lordan wrote “Apache” and other Shadows hits. Hank said:
[Lordan] came to me and said, “We’ve written this thing you should record, called ‘Sacha’.” I said, “Why’s it called that?” “Because we started writing it as a song for Sacha Distel but it’d be a great instrumental.” You couldn’t get airplay in the UK for an instrumental in the late Sixties, unless it was from a film, but for some reason it took off in Australia and became the biggest record of 1969.


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