Liberate Rock – Lobby Loyde and the Coloured Balls

End of 1972, ‘Liberate Rock’ peaked at #39 on the Kent Music Report but didn’t make the the Go-Set National Top 40 due to its localised popularity in Melbourne. Then in 1973, ‘Mess of the Blues’ reached #38 on the Go-Set National Top 40.

G.O.D. on GTK
G.O.D. at Sunbury Pop Festival 1973
Liberate Rock at a 3XY concert at Festival Hall

Lobby Loyde joined Melbourne band Wild Cherries in 1967, then Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs in 1968.
Lobby Loyde formed the psychedelic/hard/blues rock group Coloured Balls in 1972 with Andrew Fordham on guitar and vocals, Janis Miglans on bass guitar and Trevor Young on drums.
Their first single, ‘Liberate Rock’, was recorded by Loyde with Aztecs’ members Gil Mathews, Warren Morgan and Paul Wheeler.
In 1973 they supported Marc Bolan & T Rex on their Australian tour.
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Nostalgia Central:
In January 1973, Coloured Balls teamed with guest vocalists Billy Thorpe and Leo de Castro at the Sunbury Pop Festival, with their performance released in November as the Help Me/Rock Me Baby track on the live album, Summer Jam. The album also included Coloured Balls’ searing 16-minute version of G.O.D. (Guitar Overdose).
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On ABC TV music show GTK

I Like Your Old Stuff:
One of the Coloured Balls most legendary tracks is “GOD” (which apparently stood for ‘Guitar Over Drive’ or ‘Guitar Over Dose’), which only ever appeared on the collection “Summer Jam”, recorded live at Sunbury ‘73. A massive 15+ minute (that version anyway) instrumental piece that builds on waves of high powered electric guitar and a thundering rhythm section, it’s one of the cornerstones of the Coloured Balls’ status internationally, and very much the kind of track that myths are made of. Indeed the myth about “GOD” was that a studio version was recorded – people even sighted the tapes some years back apparently – but shelved and then lost.
Well, it’s not just a myth after all. Here’s proof that it exists, or at least existed: an ABC TV GTK interview with Lobby from back in the day, recorded at Armstrong’s Studio in South Melbourne. The interview is basically all about the track, and Lobby says they recorded it a couple of weeks previous, possibly for their new album, and then, WE GET TO HEAR IT. Well about 5 and half minutes of it at least (we hear it start and end but there’s at least one edit at about 4:55 on the clip).
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At the Sunbury Pop Festival in 1973

At a 3XY concert at Festival Hall in 1972

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