Love Child – Diana Ross & The Supremes

Australian Charts:
Love Child peaked at no 4 on the Go-Set National Top 40 on 26 December 1968.

The Supremes debuted Love Child on the season premiere of the CBS variety program The Ed Sullivan Show in September 1968.

The song is about a woman who is asking her boyfriend not to pressure her into sleeping with him, for fear they would conceive a “love child.” The woman, portrayed on the record by Diana Ross, is herself a love child, and, besides not having a father at home, had to endure wearing rags to school and growing up in an “old, cold, run-down tenement slum.”
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Neither founder member Mary Wilson nor more recent addition Cindy Birdsong (replacing Florence Ballard) sang a note on this single. The test run with Motown session group The Andantes as backup singers was issued as the single. Mary claims that this was a move by Berry Gordy to make clear to her and Cindy that they were expendable and further establish his power over them as well as playing up to his protégé/lover Diana Ross. Mary further says that the miming to the number for The Ed Sullivan Show was particularly difficult, knowing she didn’t sing on it.
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