Black Night – Deep Purple

Australian Charts:
Black Night peaked at no 13 on the Go-Set National Top 40 on 27 February 1971.


‘Black Night’ by British band Deep Purple was first released as a single in June 1970, and later included on the 25th Anniversary version of their 1970 album ‘Deep Purple in Rock’.
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Deep Purple bass player Roger Glover explained in a 1988 interview with Metal Hammer: “I love the way that song was born. It happened one night in the studio after we finished ‘Deep Purple In Rock’ and the management were screaming for a single, because there wasn’t an obvious single on the album. So we thought that we’d humor them, because we never thought of ourselves as a singles band. We spent a whole afternoon trying to get a riff and nothing happened. Round 7:30 we decided to go down to the pub and stayed there until closing time and came back to the studio completely drunk wherupon Ritchie (Blackmore) picked up the guitar and started playing what was to become ‘Black Night’ and we said ‘yeah, that sounds great let’s do that.'”
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BONUS CLIP: Child in Time

Loosely inspired by the Vietnam War, it is featured on Deep Purple’s 1970 album ‘Deep Purple in Rock’. A live version later appeared on the 1972 live album ‘Made in Japan’.

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