I Have Loved Me a Man – Morgana King

Australian Charts:
I Have Loved Me a Man peaked at no 22 on the Go-Set National Top 40 on 18 October 1967.

BONUS CLIP BELOW – version by Allison Durbin

Morgana King,was an American jazz singer and actress. She began a professional singing career at sixteen years old. In her twenties, she was singing at a Greenwich Village nightclub when she was recognized for her unique phrasing and vocal range, described as a four-octave contralto range. She was signed to a label and began recording solo albums. She recorded dozens of albums well into the late 1990s.
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1971 version by Aus/NZ singer Allison Durbin from the Happening ’71 TV show (0-10 Network). Host Jeff Phillips is seen at the end of the clip.

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