Down Down – Status Quo

Australian Charts:
Down Down entered the Kent Music Report on 10 March 1975 and peaked at #8.

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‘Down Down’ song was inspired by T Rex’s debut single ‘Debora’.
In 2012, Status Quo reworked the lyrics to create a three-minute promotional song for the Australian supermarket chain Coles. The chorus chants “down, down, prices are down”.
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This was written by the band’s lead singer Francis Rossi with their road manager and sometime harmonica player Bob Young. Once they had the music for the song, the first lyric Rossi wrote was the verse: “I want all the world to see, to see you laughing, and you’re laughing at me.” When we spoke with Rossi in 2013, he explained: “In my mind I was speaking to my ex-wife and the British press at the time.”
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2012 promotional recording at London’s Abbey Road Studios for Coles in Australia.

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