Good Morning Starshine – Oliver

Australian Charts:
Good Morning Starshine entered the Kent charts on 2 August 1969 and peaked at #10. It was the #67 song on the Top 100 of 1969.

From Oliver’s album ‘Good Morning Starshine’
The song was also featured in the 2000 Australian film ‘The Dish’

‘Good Morning Starshine’ is a pop song from the musical Hair.
The chorus makes extensive use of apparent nonsense words: “Glibby gloop gloopy, Nibby Nabby Noopy, La La La Lo Lo. Sabba Sibby Sabba, Nooby abba Nabba Le Le Lo Lo. Tooby ooby walla, nooby abba nabba, Early mornin’ singin’ song.”
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Good Morning Starshine single-handedly propelled the singer, whose legal name was William Oliver Swofford, into superstardom. Unfortunately, he was a flash in the pan, although he received enthusiastic audiences for his live performances throughout the 1970s. He ultimately left show business in the 1980s.
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