You’re No Good – Linda Ronstadt

Australian Charts:
You’re No Good entered the Kent Music Report on 24 February 1975 and peaked at #15. It was the #88 song on the Top 100 of 1975.

From Linda’s album ‘Heart Like a Wheel’

Linda Ronstadt began performing ‘You’re No Good’ to close her live shows in early 1973, after her band member Kenny Edwards suggested it to her. She first included it in her setlist while opening for Neil Young.
Ronstadt recorded her album ‘Heart Like a Wheel’ with producer Peter Asher in 1974 and ‘You’re No Good’ was a last-minute choice for recording.
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One of the most blatant and memorable songs in the “no-good man” milieu, ‘You’re No Good’ was written by a guy: Clint Ballard Jr, who also wrote songs for Connie Francis and The Hollies. The song is about a woman who comes to the conclusion that the guy she split from was trouble from the start.
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