Pictures of Matchstick Men – Status Quo

Australian Charts:
Pictures of Matchstick Men entered the Kent charts on 23 March 1968 and peaked at #19.

From Status Quo’s album Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo

BONUS CLIP BELOW: Status Quo performing the song on BBC’s Top of the Pops TV show

The “matchstick men” of the song refers to the paintings of Salford artist L. S. Lowry.

The group’s lead singer Francis Rossi wrote this song – he was still a teenager and it was just the second tune he had ever composed.
Like many of his later songs, this one is about a woman who treats him wrong (“You make men cry, you lie”). In our interview with Rossi, he explained: “‘Matchstick Men’ was basically about my ex-wife. I’d just got married, and I thought, Oh, this is a mistake, what have I done?”


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