Australian singles chart:
Autobahn entered the Kent Music Report on 23 June 1975 and peaked at #30.

The song is on Autobahn which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 2 June 1975 and peaked at #9.

The lyrics of Autobahn are in German, the main refrain being “Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn” (English: “We drive drive drive on the Autobahn”). The chorus was often mistaken for the English phrase “Fun fun fun on the Autobahn”.
The band has never released Autobahn in any language other than German.
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Autobahn is a pioneering song in the “electro pop” genre; it was the first song in that style to chart in both the UK and US. Using vocoders, synths and other electronic instruments, Kraftwerk gave rise to the British new romantic movement, hip-hop and techno.
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