Australian singles charts:
All My Lovin’ entered the Kent charts on 25 March 1967 and peaked at #9. The song was #80 on the Top 100 of 1967.

Originally from Rotterdam, Netherlands, Johnny Young (born Johnny Benjamin de Jong) and his family settled in Perth, Western Australia in the early 1950s. Young had a career in the 1960s as a pop singer, his profile enhanced by a concurrent stint as host of the TV pop program The Go!! Show. Johnny penned number one hits The Real Thing and The Girl That I Love for Russell Morris, The Star for Ross D. Wyllie, I Thank You for Lionel Rose and the hit single Smiley for Ronnie Burns. After his pop career ended he returned to TV where he presented and produced the popular television show Young Talent Time.
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This was the first time Paul McCartney wrote the words to a song before the music. The song began as a poem he conceived while he was shaving one morning thinking about his girlfriend Jane Asher, whom he met when she interviewed him for the magazine Radio Times. He wrote the music that night. He originally envisioned it as a country/western song.
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