Green Green Grass of Home: TOM JONES

Australian singles chart:
Green Green Grass of Home entered the Kent charts on 3 December 1966 and went all the way to #1. The song was #4 on the Top 100 of 1967.

The song is on Green Green Grass of Home which entered the Kent album charts on 15 July 1967 and peaked at #7.

This country song about a condemned prisoner who longs to escape to the green, green grass of home was inspired by a crime scene in the film The Asphalt Jungle. Nashville songwriter Curly Putnam wrote it in 1964 and it was initially recorded by country singer Johnny Darrell.
Tom Jones decided to record this after hearing a version by Jerry Lee Lewis, a legendary rocker who had started making country records. A year after Johnny Darrell’s original version, Lewis recorded this on his album Country Songs For City Folks.
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