Australian singles charts:
My Guy entered the Kent charts on 2 May 1964 and was a #1 hit. The song was #12 on the Top 100 of 1964.

My Guy was recorded by Mary Wells for the Motown label. Written and produced by Smokey Robinson of The Miracles, the song is a woman’s rejection of a sexual advance and affirmation of her fidelity to her boyfriend, who is her ideal and with whom she is happy, despite his ordinary physique and looks. (“There’s not a man today who could take me away from my guy”).
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Smokey Robinson helped Berry Gordy form Motown Records after they realised how little they were paid by the labels that distributed their songs.
In 1965, Robinson wrote a song similar to My Guy from a male perspective that was a huge hit for The Temptations: My Girl.
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