A Little Ray of Sunshine: AXIOM

Australian singles charts:
A Little Ray of Sunshine entered the Kent charts on 9 March 1970 and peaked at #5. It was #40 on the Top 100 of 1970.

The song is on Fools Gold which entered the Kent album charts on 11 May 1970 and peaked at #9.

Sorry, it’s not the best quality clip in either sound or vision, but you’ll enjoy seeing the band perform, with Glenn and Brian sharing vocals.

Axiom formed in late 1969 in Melbourne with Brian Cadd on co-lead vocals, organ and piano, Doug Lavery on drums, Don Mudie on bass guitar, Glenn Shorrock on co-lead vocals and rhythm guitar, and Chris Stockley on lead guitar.
A Little Ray of Sunshine was written by Cadd and Mudie.
According to Australian music journalist Ed Nimmervoll, “[it was] inspired by the birth of Don Mudie’s first child.” However, according to Cadd, the song was written about his niece, to celebrate her arrival.
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