Australian singles chart:
W·O·L·D entered the Kent Music Report on 8 April 1974 and peaked at #21.

The song is on Short Stories which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 3 June 1974 and peaked at #46.

W·O·L·D, written and performed by Harry Chapin, is about an aging disc jockey who travels the United States seeking happiness, which he believes he will find by following his passion for being a radio broadcaster, only to discover that his life, looks, and voice have all passed him by, as hinted in the OLD of the title.
The song is sung through the point of view of a phone call conversation from the DJ to his ex-wife, only hearing what he has to say to her.
The hit song was inspired by radio personality Jim Connors, who is credited for having discovered Chapin and promoted his hit Taxi through Boston radio station WMEX.
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