Ying Tong Song: THE GOONS

The Ying Tong Song was released in 1956.

The Goon Show was originally broadcast by the BBC between 1951 and 1960, and in many countries including Australia. The ABC continued to repeat episodes all the way up to 2012, such was its popularity in this country.

The Goon Show was created by Spike Milligan and first went to air in 1951 as Crazy People, with Spike joined by Peter Sellars, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine. A year later it was renamed The Goon Show. Bentine left the show in 1953. Among the regular characters were Neddie Seagoon (Secombe), Eccles (Milligan) and Bluebottle (Sellers).

The Goons is still one of the most loved and most listened-to comedy programs in radio history. It was cited as a major influence by the Beatles and the British comedy troupe Monty Python. 238 episodes were produced, along with 12 specials. And The Goons released records including Ying Tong Song, I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas and The Raspberry Song.

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Spike Milligan had just been interviewed on ABC radio in November 1971 and he stayed in the studio for the news bulletin. He was a little bit naughty but Rod McNeil remained (mostly) focused on his newsreading.

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