Streets of London: RALPH McTELL

Australian singles chart:
Streets of London entered the Kent Music Report on 3 March 1975 and peaked at #20.

The song is on Streets… which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 31 March 1975 and peaked at #90.

The song was inspired by McTell’s experiences busking and hitchhiking throughout Europe, especially in Paris and the individual stories are taken from Parisians. McTell was originally going to call the song “Streets of Paris” but eventually London was chosen, because he realised he was singing about London; also, there was another song called The Poor People of Paris. McTell’s song contrasts the common problems of everyday people with those of the homeless, lonely, elderly, ignored and forgotten members of society.
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Streets of London was not released as a single until 1974, five years after it first appeared on Ralph’s album Spiral Staircase. It then had another album release on Streets… in 1975.
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