Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey: PAUL & LINDA McCARTNEY

Australian singles chart:
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey entered the Kent charts on 18 October 1971 and peaked at #5. It was #26 on the Top 100 of 1971.

The song is on Ram which entered the Kent album charts on 5 July 1971 and peaked at #3.

Albert is Albert Kendall, who married Paul McCartney’s aunt Milly (becoming “Uncle Albert”) and provided inspiration for a portion of this song suite. Albert had a habit of getting drunk and reading from the Bible; the only time he read from the Good Book was when he was drinking.
McCartney combined pieces of various unfinished songs to create this; in the later years of The Beatles, they did this a lot as a way to put unfinished songs to good use. As a result, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey contains 12 different sections over the course of its 4:50 running time. This jumble of musical textures, comic character voices, sound effects and changing tempos turned off a lot of listeners, but many others thought it was brilliant.
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