Earache My Eye: CHEECH AND CHONG (featuring Alice Bowie)

Australian singles charts:
Earache My Eye entered the Kent Music Report on 2 December 1974 and peaked at #26.

The song Is on Cheech and Chong’s Wedding Album which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 2 December 1974 and peaked at #18.

The routine is about a teenager (played by Tommy Chong) who wakes up and listens to a song by “Alice Bowie” (Cheech Marin), while his father (Marin) yells at him to get ready for school.
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While the comedy duo wrote the lyrics, self-taught guitarist Gaye Delorme set the piece to music and also supplied the guitar riff, while percussionist Airto Moreira supplied the drum-work. Cheech sang the vocals.
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