Give Peace a Chance: PLASTIC ONO BAND

Australian singles chart:
Give Peace a Chance entered the Kent charts on 19 July 1969 and peaked at #6. The song was #64 on the Top 100 of 1969.

John Lennon’s anti-war song Give Peace a Chance was written during John and Ono’s “Bed-In” honeymoon in Montreal. When asked by a reporter what he was trying to achieve by staying in bed, he answered spontaneously “Just give peace a chance”. He went on to say this several times during the Bed-In.
Lennon asked his press officer, Derek Taylor to find a recording engineer. In a room at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, André Perry, owner of a local recording studio, used a simple setup of four microphones and a four-track tape recorder for a recording session that was attended by dozens of journalists and various celebrities.
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