One of These Nights: EAGLES

Australian singles chart:
One of These Nights entered the Kent Music Report on 25 August 1975 and peaked at #33.

The song is on One of These Nights which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 14 July 1975 and peaked at #5.

Written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley, One of These Nights was inspired by the soul music Frey was listening to when he started writing it on the piano. Artists like B.B. King and Al Green were a big influence on many songs on the album.
Don Felder, who was the Eagles newest guitarist, came up with the opening bass line.
Don Henley said that this song was challenging to sing live: “My voice has to be just right to hit the high notes. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t.”
Glenn Frey cited this as an example of how he and Don Henley clicked as songwriters.
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