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Australian singles charts:
Yellow River by Jigsaw enetered the Kent charts on 24 August 1970 and peaked at #5. The song was #38.

Jigsaw’s was the most popular of three versions of Yellow River to chart in 1970. Sydney band Autumn reached #20 on the Kent charts, and the original version by UK band Christie, which had only limited airplay due to the 1970 radio ban, reached #16.

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Yellow River was originally released by the British band Christie.
The actual location of Yellow River in this song is not specified, although the author, Jeff Christie, is on record as saying that it was inspired by the idea of a soldier going home at the end of the American Civil War
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History of Australian Music 1960-2010:
Jigsaw became Johnny Chester’s backing band but had a few hits in their own right most notably with a cover of Christie’s Yellow River in 1970. The band was very popular on the Melbourne pub scene and in demand. One of the highlights of Jigsaw’s career occurred in October 1974 when they were chosen as one of the acts to play at the opening of the Sydney Opera House.
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Sydney band Autumn performed Yellow River on the ABC program Hit Scene in 1970. They were introduced by host Dick Williams.

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