Australian singles charts:
Guitar Band entered the Kent Music Report on 18 November 1974 and peaked at #13. The song was #73 on the Top 100 of 1975.

The song is on Black Eyed Bruiser which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 25 August 1975 and peaked at #61.

After the success of Stevie Wright’s debut album Hard Road and its lead single Evie, producers Harry Vanda and George Young returned to Albert Studios with Wright to record the follow-up album Black Eyed Bruiser. The recording of the album was problematic as Wright’s heroin addition, unbeknown to Vanda and Young, had escalated.
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Stevie Wright went back into the studio with Vanda and Young in late 1974 to cut his his second solo LP Black Eyed Bruiser which yielded the singles Guitar Band, You and the pounding Black Eyed Bruiser. Stevie headlined three triumphant concerts on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, backed by a special band that included Harry Vanda, George Young and George’s younger brother, AC/DC’s Malcolm Young. It was the first time that the three former Easybeats had performed live together since the group broke up in 1969.
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