Australian singles charts:
The Fraternity version of Seasons of Change entered the Kent charts on 10 May 1971 and peaked at #51.
The Blackfeather version entered the Kent charts on 14 June 1971 and peaked at #11, making it the more popular of the two versions. The song was #65 on the Top 100 of 1971.

Blackfeather released the song on At the Mountain of Madness which entered the Kent album charts on 17 May 1971 and peaked at #14.
Fraternity included Seasons of Change on Flaming Galah which entered the Kent album charts on 20 March 1972 and peaked at #28. The song was also on a CD reissue of Livestock in 1998.


FRATERNITY with lead vocals by Bon Scott, later of AC/DC

Wikipedia – the story of two competing versions:
The Blackfeather album At the Mountains of Madness included the track Seasons of Change, co-written by Neale Johns and John Robinson. During recording in late 1970, Robinson asked members of the group Fraternity, John Bissett and Bon Scott, to contribute to the album. Johns and Robinson gave Fraternity Seasons of Change to record as a single, with Scott on lead vocals. That group relocated to Adelaide and released it in March 1971, which peaked at number one on the Adelaide charts. Robinson had a verbal agreement with Infinity’s David Sinclair that their label would not release the original Blackfeather version to compete with it. As soon as Fraternity’s version began charting in Adelaide, Festival rush-released the Blackfeather version as a single.
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