Don’t Sleep in the Subway: PETULA CLARK

Australian singles chart:
Don’t Sleep in the Subway entered the Kent chart on 5 August 1967 and was a #1 hit. The song was #16 on the Top 100 of 1967.

Don’t Sleep in the Subway was written by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent. In the lyrics the narrator advises her sweetheart against storming out after an argument due to his “foolish pride”. If he does, he will “sleep in the subway” or “stand in the pouring rain” merely to prove his point.
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Of all the songs that Tony Hatch has written or co-written, this song is Petula Clark’s favorite.
The entire song is actually a combination of three different songs which Tony Hatch had written but did not complete. The segments of the unfinished songs were molded into one to create one song.
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