Australian singles charts:
Summer Breeze entered the Kent charts on 1 January 1973 and peaked at #16. It was the #100 song on the Top 100 of 1973.

The song was on Summer Breeze which entered the Kent album charts on 26 March 1973 and peaked at #70.

“Blowing through the jasmine in my mind”? Long before it was a Disney princess, jasmine was a kind of flower that blooms in the summer. Also good for tea, Seals & Crofts use it to bring about feelings of contentment and harmony in this song, which is a feel-good classic about enjoying some simple pleasures in life with the ones you love. Jim Seals explained in 1972: “We operate on a different level, we try to create images, impressions and trains of thought in the minds of our listeners.”
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All Music:
Bruce Eder of AllMusic referred to it as “one of those relentlessly appealing 1970s harmony-rock anthems … appropriately ubiquitous on the radio and in the memory”.
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