You’re My Best Friend: QUEEN

Australian singles chart:
You’re My Best Friend entered the Kent Music Report on 31 May 1976 and peaked at #40.

The song is on A Night at the Opera which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 12 January 1976. It reached #1 on 15 March 1976 and stayed on top for 2 weeks.

John Deacon

Roy Thomas Baker, Queen

Record label of Australian release:

Queen bass player John Deacon wrote You’re My Best Friend about his wife. He enjoyed a rather quiet home life, and particularly in the early days of the group he was very shy and quiet, unwilling to put his song suggestions forward.
Deacon played an electric piano on this track, which was a popular choice at the time, with many rock songs by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan using one.
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