Seven Seas of Rhye: QUEEN

Queen II entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 2 September 1974 and peaked at #79. It was the first album by Queen to chart in Australia.

Freddie Mercury

John Anthony, Roy Thomas Baker, Queen

Record label of Australian release:

Songfacts – Seven Seas of Rhye:
Freddie Mercury penned Seven Seas of Rhye, basing it on a fantasy world called Rhye that he had created with his sister, Kashmira. They were brought up on the African island of Zanzibar in the Zoroastrianism religion, founded in Iran, and these fuelled Mercury’s flights of fancy. Several other of the Queen singer’s early songs feature the mysterious land of Rhye, including Lily Of The Valley, My Fairy King and The March Of The Black Queen.
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Wikipedia – Queen II:
Queen II is the second studio album by the British rock band Queen.
Described as “arguably the heaviest Queen album”, Queen II marked the end of the first phase of the band’s career. The album combines a heavy rock sound with art rock and progressive rock elements, and has been called “a pillar of grandiose, assaultive hard rock” by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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