Whatever Gets You Thru the Night: JOHN LENNON (with Elton John)

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Australian singles chart:
Whatever Gets You Thru the Night entered the Kent Music Report on 4 November 1974 and peaked at #34.

The song is on John Lennon’s album Walls and Bridges which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 14 October 1974 and peaked at #4.

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Whatever Gets You Thru the Night was Lennon’s only solo #1 single in the United States during his lifetime, and Lennon was the last member of the Beatles to achieve this level of success. The recording featured Elton John on harmony vocals and piano.
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While in the studio, Elton bet Lennon that the song would top the charts, and such was Lennon’s skepticism that John secured from him a promise to appear on stage at one of his performances, should the record indeed hit #1. When the record did achieve that feat, Lennon appeared at John’s Thanksgiving performance at Madison Square Garden on 28 November 1974. It was Lennon’s last major concert appearance.
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#9 DREAM – also from Walls and Bridges
John Lennon was fascinated with the recurrence of the number nine throughout his life, which included:
Lennon was born on October 9.
Lennon’s son Sean shared his father’s birthday.
Lennon’s first home was 9 Newcastle Road, Wavertree, Liverpool – three names which each contain nine letters.
The Beatles’ first gig at The Cavern Club took place on February 9, 1961.
Brian Epstein, The Beatles’ manager, first saw them perform on November 9 that same year.
The Beatles’ contract with EMI was confirmed on May 9, 1962.
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