Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy: DAVID BOWIE and BING CROSBY

Originally recorded for a 1977 Christmas television special and later released as a single.

Ian Fraser, Larry Grossman, Alan Kohan / Harry Simeone, KK Davis, Henry Onorati

Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy was recorded in September 1977 at Elstree Studios in London for Crosby’s television special Bing Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas. The song features Crosby singing 1941 standard The Little Drummer Boy while Bowie sings the counterpoint tune Peace on Earth, written by the special’s musical supervisors Ian Fraser and Larry Grossman, and scriptwriter Alan Kohan, specifically for the collaboration. The duet was one of Crosby’s final recordings before his death in October that year. The TV special aired posthumously in November.
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Bowie said he only participated because his mother was a fan of Crosby:


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