Australian Charts:
Sailing entered the Kent Music Report on 6 October 1975 and peaked at #2. The song was #17 on the Top 100 of 1975.

The song is on Atlantic Crossing which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 1 September 1975. It reached #1 on 24 November 1975 and remained on top for 2 weeks.

Gavin Sutherland

BONUS CLIP BELOW – original version by the Sutherland Brothers

Sailing was composed by Gavin Sutherland of the Sutherland Brothers in 1972, and is best known as a 1975 international hit for Rod Stewart.
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Stewart confessed in a 2010 interview with Mail on Sunday’s Live Magazine that he suffers from nerves when he has to perform live or in the studio, and always has a drink before hitting the stage or laying down vocal tracks. However, he had to record Sailing completely sober because there was no alcohol available at the studio in Alabama. Said Stewart: “It’s the only song I ever recorded without a drink inside me. My thing was always to have a little tipple before I sang; even now I’ll have a Bacardi and Coke before I go on stage. It just helps.”
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Sailing was written and originally recorded by the Sutherland Brothers, a duo consisting of Gavin and Iain Sutherland. The brothers provided their own backing with Gavin on bass drum and Iain on harmonium.

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