Heart of Gold: NEIL YOUNG

Australian singles charts:
Heart of Gold entered the Kent charts on 27 March 1972 and peaked at #14. The song was #100 on the Top 100 of 1972.

Heart of Gold is on Harvest which entered the Kent album charts on 13 March 1972 and reached #1.

Neil Young

Heart of Gold, which features backup vocals by James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt, is one of a series of soft acoustic pieces which were written partly as a result of a back injury. Unable to stand for long periods of time, Young could not play his electric guitar and so returned to his acoustic guitar, which he could play sitting down. He also played his harmonica during the three instrumental portions, including the introduction to the song.
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With a straightforward metaphor and complete lack of pathos, this is not a typical Neil Young song. It finds him mining for a “heart of gold” which, depending on your perspective, is either a touching and heartfelt sentiment, or a mawkish platitude. Rolling Stone took the churlish view, complaining that the album evoked “superstardom’s weariest clichés.” The listening public and Young’s fans were far more accepting, and the song became his biggest hit.
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Also on the Harvest album: Old Man

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