Daddy Cool: DRUMMOND

Australian singles chart:
Daddy Cool entered the Kent singles charts on 12 July 1971 and it was a #1 hit. The record was #4 on the Top 100 of 1971.

Frank Slay, Bob Crewe

Ern Rose

BONUS CLIP BELOW – version by Daddy Cool

Novelty records aren’t usually our thing at Bang a Gong but in the case of Drummond’s Daddy Cool, there are some seriously good Aussie musicians behind it.

Daddy Cool is a song by US doo-wop group The Rays, released in 1957.
While it is thought 1970s Australian rock band Daddy Cool named themselves after the song, band leader Ross Wilson has stated the band was named before he first heard the song. In January 1971, Daddy Cool recorded it for their debut album Daddy Who? Daddy Cool. This, in turn, was covered by another Australian band, Drummond (pseudonym for Adelaide band Allison Gros), which recorded the song in a Chipmunks style and released it as a novelty single in the same year.
Already in the National Singles charts at #1 for ten weeks was Daddy Cool’s record-breaking hit Eagle Rock, which was displaced by Drummond’s tribute single Daddy Cool.
‘Drummond’ was a rotating house pseudonym employed by Festival Records to release novelty records by a series of musicians; this particular Drummond single was the work of the band Allison Gros, consisting of Graeham Goble, Russ Johnson and John Mower. They moved to Melbourne and subsequently recorded their own material as Mississippi and then, with the addition of Beeb Birtles, evolved into Little River Band.
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