12lb Toothbrush: MADDER LAKE

Australian Charts:
12lb Toothbrush entered the Kent charts on 10 September 1973 and peaked at #35.

The song is on Stillpoint which entered the Kent album charts on 10 September 1973 and peaked at #13.

Madder Lake

John French, Madder Lake

Madder Lake was the opening act at the inaugural Sunbury Pop Festival in January 1972. As their popularity increased, they were one of the first bands signed to the Gudinski co-owned Mushroom Records in late 1972. They were a headlining act at the 1973 Sunbury Pop Festival and Mushroom Records’ first release was their debut single Goodbye Lollipop. Madder Lake’s debut album Stillpoint spawned their most recognised single 12lb Toothbrush.
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Cool Accidents:
12lb Toothbrush is a killer track that mixes serious progressive rock chops with a great boneheaded chorus hook. The song was in fact named as such to make radio DJs sound like idiots when they announced it on air; the title has nothing to do with anything but definitely sounds appropriate.
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