Australian singles chart:
Sorrow entered the Kent charts on 24 December 1973 and was a #1 hit. The song was #11 on the Top 100 of 1974.

The song is on Pinups which entered the Kent album charts on 3 December 1973 and peaked at #4.

Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein, Richard Gottehrer

Ken Scott, David Bowie

Sorrow was first recorded by the McCoys in 1965.
David Bowie’s remake, recorded in July 1973 at Château d’Hérouville, Hérouville, France, was the only single released in the UK from his Pinups covers album. It was also Bowie’s first number one hit single in Australia, where it topped the charts in February 1974.
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The Bowie Bible:
Pinups was a collection of twelve cover versions, mostly by British groups from from the 1960s mod scene. It was Bowie’s final collaboration with producer Ken Scott.
Bowie said: “Pinups was really my way of shaking off Ziggy completely, while retaining some excitement in the music. It really was treading water, but it happens to be one of my favourite albums. I think there is some terrific stuff on it.”
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