Smoke on the Water: DEEP PURPLE

Australian singles chart:
Smoke on the Water entered the Kent charts on 22 October 1973 and peaked at #54.

The song is on Machine Head which entered the Kent album charts on 29 May 1972. It reached #1 on 26 June 1972 where it remained for 2 weeks.

Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord, Ian Paice

Deep Purple

BONUS CLIPS BELOW – Deep Purple perform Smoke on the Water live in Sydney; and the story behind the song

This song took inspiration from a fire in the Casino at Montreux, Switzerland in 1971. The band was going to start recording their Machine Head album there right after a Frank Zappa concert, but someone fired a flare gun at the ceiling during Zappa’s show, which set the place on fire.
Deep Purple watched the blaze from a nearby restaurant, and when the fire died down, a layer of smoke had covered Lake Geneva, which the casino overlooked. This image gave bass player Roger Glover the idea for a song title: “Smoke On The Water,” and Ian Gillan wrote the lyric about their saga recording the Machine Head album.
The band was relocated to the Grand Hotel in Montreux, where they recorded the album using the Rolling Stones’ mobile studio. They needed one more song, so they put together Smoke On The Water using Gillan’s lyric and the riff guitarist Ritchie Blackmore came up with.
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Deep Purple perform Smoke on the Water in Sydney, Australia on 13 December 1984

The story behind Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water

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