It’s a Long Way There: LITTLE RIVER BAND

Australian singles charts:
It’s a Long Way There entered the Kent Music Report on 15 November 1976 and peaked at #35.

The song is on Little River Band which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 27 October 1975 and peaked at #17.

Graeham Goble

Glenn Wheatley, Little River Band

Little River Band is the debut studio album by the Little River Band. It includes the Australian hits Curiosity (Killed the Cat), Emma and It’s a Long Way There, which became the band’s first US Top 40 hit. By this time, LRB had toured through Europe and the United States.
LRB has had many different members over the years but their classic lineup was Graeham Goble (guitar, vocals), Beeb Birtles (guitar, vocals), George McArdle (bass), Glenn Shorrock (vocals), David Briggs (guitar) and Derek Pellicci (drums).
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