Carry That Weight: COLLEEN HEWETT

Australian singles charts:
Carry That Weight entered the Kent singles chart on 25 September 1972 and peaked at #29.

The song is on Colleen Hewett which entered the Kent album charts on 27 November 1972 and peaked at #28.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney

Johnny Young

Carry That Weight was written by Paul McCartney and was originally released by The Beatles on Abbey Road.
Music critic Ian MacDonald interpreted the lyric as an acknowledgement by the group that nothing they would do as individual artists would equal what they had achieved together, and they would always carry the weight of their Beatles past.
Colleen Hewett’s interpretation of Carry That Weight, produced by Johnny Young, incorporated sections of the song Golden Slumbers, which preceded Carry That Weight on side 2 of Abbey Road.
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