Darling Be Home Soon: SLADE


Slade Alive! was a #1 album that entered the Kent charts in Australia on 3 July 1972. It remained on the album charts for 51 weeks and was the #4 album of 1972.

John Sebastian

Chas Chandler

Wikipedia – Slade Alive!:
Slade Alive! is the first live album by the British rock band Slade and their first album to chart. The album was produced by Chas Chandler. It contains three original songs, plus cover versions of songs by Ten Years After, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Bobby Marchan and Steppenwolf. It was recorded live at Command Theatre Studio and mixed at Olympic Studios. Today it is considered one of the greatest live albums of all time.
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Wikipedia – Darling Be Home Soon:
Darling Be Home Soon, a cover of a 1967 song by The Lovin’ Spoonful, written by John Sebastian, notably features Holder burping into the microphone. In 2000, he admitted on The Frank Skinner Show that the burp was accidental as the band had a lot to drink before performing. Holder also stated that from then on, he had to continue to do the burp whenever the song was performed otherwise the audience would be disappointed.
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Also from Slade Alive!: Here Me Calling

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