Itchycoo Park: SMALL FACES

Australian singles chart:
Itchycoo Park entered the Kent charts on 16 September 1967 and peaked at #2. The song was #15 on the Top 100 of 1967.

Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane

Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane

Steve Marriott once said of The Small Faces “(We) were a mix of R&B and music hall. The R&B came from Detroit, the music hall from Stepney. That’s what Itchycoo Park is about… having a drink and a party.”
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‘Itchycoo Park’ is the nickname of Little Ilford Park in London. An ‘itchycoo’ is slang for a stinging nettle found in the park, which can burn the skin if touched. Said Ronnie Lane: “It’s a place we used to go to in Ilford years ago. Some bloke we know suggested it to us because it’s full of nettles and you keep scratching.”
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