The Days of Pearly Spencer: DAVID McWILLIAMS

Australian singles charts:
The Days of Pearly Spencer entered the Kent charts on 8 June 1968 and peaked at #42.

David McWilliams

Mike Leander

Days of Pearly Spencer was written and originally performed by Northern Irish singer-songwriter David McWilliams.
The song had, according to Stuart Bailie of Radio Ulster, a “flickering, almost documentary style” in which it took listeners to the more run-down parts of Ballymena (a town in County Antrim, Northern Ireland) where people walked through rubble bare-foot looking old beyond their years. Due to the title of the song, many listeners believed that the song pertained to an individual harrowed by a poor lifestyle and poor-quality alcohol; McWilliams said he had written the song about a homeless man encountered in Ballymena.
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