Blue Chevrolet Ballerina: ROSS RYAN

Australian singles chart:
Blue Chevrolet Ballerina entered the Kent Music Report on 24 March 1975 and peaked at #38.

The song is on After The Applause which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 30 June 1975 and peaked at #35.

Ross Ryan

Peter Dawkins

Ross Ryan was born in 1950, in Kansas USA. His family moved to Mount Manypeaks near Albany, Western Australia in 1959 where they settled on a sheep farm. By the age of 13 years Ross was writing songs and learning guitar. He joined a number of local bands including The Sett and Saffron.
After his school years, Ross moved to Perth and worked as an audio operator at STW9, where he recorded tracks for an album that he self-released.
Ross signed with EMI and with Peter Dawkins as producer, released his first charting album, A Poem You Can Keep, in 1973.
Ross’s music career progressed from there, as you can read here:


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