Party to End All Parties: SKYHOOKS

Australian singles charts:
Party to End All Parties entered the Kent Music Report on 9 May 1977 and peaked at #24.

The song is on The Skyhooks Tapes which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 12 September 1977 and peaked at #49.

Greg Macainsh

John French, Greg Macainsh

In February 1977, Red Symons left Skyhooks and was replaced on guitar by Bob Spencer from the band Finch. With Symons’ departure the band dropped the glam rock look and used a more straight forward hard rock approach.
During 1977 Skyhooks toured nationally three times, while their first single with Spencer, Party to End All Parties, entered the top 30 in May.
Mushroom released a singles anthology, The Skyhooks Tapes, which entered the top 50 in September. Party to End All Parties was the only new single released from that album.
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