My Baby’s Gone: AXIOM

Australian singles chart:
My Baby’s Gone entered the Kent charts on 21 December 1970 and peaked at #8. The song was #63 on the Top 100 of 1971.

The song is on If Only which entered the Kent album charts on 13 September 1971 and peaked at #45.

Brian Cadd, Don Mudie

Shel Talmy

Wikipedia – Axiom’s formation in 1969:
The Groop broke up in late 1969, by which time the Twilights had already split. A plan was hatched to form a new group out of the two groups’ frontline remnants; there was some controversy surrounding the break-up of the Groop, with Go-Set magazine hinting that Cadd and Mudie had split the band to join Axiom without telling the other members about the new group. Twilights’ songwriter and guitarist Terry Britten was supposed to join Shorrock and the Groop’s piano player and chief songwriter Brian Cadd in the new band, but when Britten chose to go to England instead, his place was taken by the Groop’s Don Mudie, who in the latter stages of the Groop had formed a strong songwriting partnership with Cadd. The group was completed by Cam-Pact guitarist Chris Stockley, and Valentines drummer Doug Lavery (who was later replaced by Don Lebler from The Avengers). Immediately dubbed a supergroup, the band asked fans to suggest a name and settled on Axiom.
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