Destiny Song: BAND OF LIGHT

Australian singles charts:
Destiny Song entered the Kent charts on 14 May 1973 peaked at #26.

‘Wheel’ (Phil Key, Pam Key)

Band of Light

Band of Light was an Australian blues-rock band formed in Sydney in October 1972 by New Zealand-born Phil Key on lead vocals and lead guitar from New Zealand-formed band the La De Das, which had relocated to Sydney.
They worked consistently touring from Sydney to Melbourne doing pub gigs and concerts whilst playing alongside Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, Carson, Coloured Balls (Lobby Loyde’s band), Chain, Madder Lake and Buffalo.
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Band Of Light immediately established a slow, heavy blues style dominated by Norm Roue’s stinging slide work. Phil Key also introduced a quasi-religious philosophy into the band’s lyrics that espoused racial equality, social justice and spiritual harmony.
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